Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Enhance Your English Vocabulary!!

Before talking about English vocabulary, we should understand first the importance of the English  in our daily activities. There are about 2 billion people speak English as their daily language. English is also the primary language  in business activities, thus it is very important to learn English if they are about to enter a global market and society. Unfortunately, to be in professional society is not as easy as learning the regular English. At least, people want you to look smart and educated.

One of the most significant difference is the level of vocabulary which is used in professional society. This is mainly related to the function of impressing other people, developing confidence and gaining others' trust.

The vocabulary itself should be trained and remembered to be used naturally in the daily activities. It is very important to know the context for every words we use, as some words are not suitable in certain conditions (It should make you impressive, not silly). Thus, whenever you practice the vocabulary, you should also remember the context of the words. 

Here, I upload a vocabulary practice program. I will upload it in series, and perhaps, other than English language, I will upload other programs which are modified from this one. I hope it might be helpful for you. First, downoald the program below:

Already download the excel program? Good! Now I will explain how to use the program. Unfortunately, to make this program, I should use the recursive content and I need to tell you a little adjustment.

1. Choose Excel Options from Menu

(the position is different from EXCEL 2007 and 2010, but still, choose "excel options") 

2. Choose Formula tab (left); in calculation options, tick enable iterative calculation; then click OK


Now the program can be used and practice a lot of vocabulary! Practice makes perfect! write your answer in the answer section, then click enter, next question will be displayed. Compare your answer with key answer and go to next question.  Practice as many times as possible. Good Luck, future professional!!!

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Irianto Petrus Binsardo

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